Contracts form the backbone of most business transactions. They are also essential to the smooth day-to-day functioning of business operations.

A thorough, well-drafted contract will not only set out rights and responsibilities, it will also address contingencies and potential disputes. A carefully thought-out contract can go a long way toward limiting your business’s exposure to liability. It can lay the foundation for your success in both the short term and long term

Helping Businesses Succeed Through Solid Contractual Arrangements

At Wilson Bradshaw LLP, a business law firm in Orange County and New York City, we understand the vital role contracts play in virtually any business venture. Our attorneys have devoted much of their careers to mastering the nuances of commercial transactions — including their contractual aspects.

A solid contract often begins long before words are put to paper. That’s why we provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of business law, from negotiating deals to drafting contracts. We will provide the necessary legal support to help you bring ideas to fruition.

Experienced In All Types Of Commercial Contracts

It’s impossible to list all of the different kinds of business contracts our lawyers have drafted over the years. Here are some examples:

  • Internal governance agreements, such as partnership agreements and shareholder agreements
  • Financing contracts, such as loan and security agreements, promissory notes, and UCC-1 filings
  • Transaction-related contracts, including buy-sell agreements, private resale stock purchase agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and letters of intent
  • Intellectual property-related contracts, including nondisclosure agreements, ownership agreements, and licensing agreements
  • Employment-related contracts, such as noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements, management and consulting agreements, and severance contracts
  • Dispute resolution agreements, such as arbitration agreements, choice-of-law provisions and settlement agreements
  • Other types of contracts, such as indemnification agreements, commercial leases, vendor contracts, manufacturing contracts, releases and waivers

For experienced guidance on any type of business transaction — including business contract review and drafting — call 800-642-6388 or contact us online.