Have you received a subpoena from the SEC or a state securities regulator? We have extensive experience defending and navigating companies who have received SEC Subpoenas and are getting investigated by the SEC or a state securities regulator.

Receiving an SEC subpoena often catches you off guard.

We have seen all types of clients receive SEC subpoenas, from individuals to large corporations–many of which don’t have the time and expertise to handle such a response. Some SEC subpoenas are routine and you are not the target, some SEC subpoenas are unfounded and come due to an investor complaint. Other SEC subpoenas are extremely serious and failure to respond can lead to the assumption of guilt, and the SEC can turn the case over to the FBI or freeze your company’s bank accounts and raid your offices.

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For years, attorneys at Wilson, Bradshaw & Cao, LLP have assisted companies in responding to SEC subpoenas. We defend companies, both public and private, by responding to the SEC and taking immediate remedial measures to correct any defective problems in the company to the extent possible. Please fill out our form below or Call us at 949-752-1100

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We look forward to serving you and your SEC investigation needs at Wilson Bradshaw & Cao, LLP and navigating the subpoena process so you may focus on your day to day business without interruption or the need to worry.

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