Business Entity Formation | Orange County Attorneys With 50-Plus Years Of Experience

Starting a business requires making strategic decisions from the beginning. These early choices can shape the course of the enterprise for years to come. Chief among them is your choice of business entity. Will you structure the business as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or sole proprietorship? Will it be an S or C corporation? A general partnership or limited partnership?

The answer depends on your goals for the business. As an entrepreneur, you have the exciting opportunity to lay the groundwork for future success. We’re here to help you harness that potential.

Creating A Strong Foundation For Success

At Wilson, Bradshaw & Cao, LLP, our attorneys provide the legal support necessary for startups and their founders to make informed decisions about entity formation. We also assist with filing articles of incorporation or organization, preparing bylaws, drafting contracts and other aspects of establishing a new business.

With offices in Southern, California, and New York City, we work with business startups in a wide array of industries across the country.

Analyzing The Options

We help clients with the various factors that go into choosing the right business entity. Our lawyers analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each type, assessing issues such as:

  • Tax treatment
  • Internal governance and management
  • Capital/investment structure
  • Ownership arrangement

Financial strategies also come into play, both in funding the business and providing for its continued growth. With more than 50 years of pooled experience — and as business owners themselves — our lawyers understand the legal, financial, and practical ramifications of starting a business. We enjoy helping entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and build toward a thriving future.

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